Laser Therapies

Effective painless results are achieved using our Smart Puls Laser.

This machine utilises Constant Multi Pulse (CMP) technology, which enables us to
‘guide’ the light, thereby distributing the energy evenly. The light pulse therefore offers you a high standard of comfort as well as safety because we are able to adjust the energy to suit your individual needs.

Permanent Hair Removal

(Between 5 and 7 treatments are usually required)
Upper/lower Lip R150
Chin R220
Sideburns R250
Cheeks R350
Neck R500
Standard Bikini R450
Hi-Cut Bikini R600
Brazilian R800
Extensive R950
Naval Path R180
Brides R500
Three-Quarter Leg R1100
Full Leg R1600
Feet R300-R500
Half Arm R600
Full Arm R900
Underarm R450
Hands R300-R500
Shoulders R400
Back R700-R1200
Chest R600
Tummy R500
Combo Deals
Bikini & Underarm R720
Brazilian & Underarm R1000
Extensive & Underarm R1120
Bikini, Underarm & Full Leg R2000
(Other tailor-made combos will also receive a 20% discount.)
Half Face & Upper Lip R900
Neck R600
Chest/Back/Stomach from R900
Full Leg from R2000
Arms R1200-R1800
Additional work R20/shot

Skin Rejuvination

Forehead R280
Cheeks R420
Chin R280
Mouth R220
Nose R180
Eye Area R220
Full Face R1280
Neck (front/back) R500
Hands R600
Spider Veins
Nose/Chin R180
Nose & Chin R280
Full Leg R700-R1300
Single Leg Vein POR

Acne Treatment

Face R500
Jawline R400
Back R600
Shoulders R500
Back & Shoulders R880

Reduction of

: Scars, Stretch Marks, Burns, Age Spots, Wrinkles – Prices quoted following assessment

Additional work R20/shot